Staff Augmentation Services - We augment faster without compromising on quality

Our unique capability in filling extreme-niche roles without compromising quality, combined with our market knowledge and passion for service delivery, builds our strong candidature in the staff augmentation space
Staff Augmentation Service
At Halcyon, we aim to build a resource pool with a non-negotiable factor – quality. We provide permanent, contract, executive, and staff augmentation consulting services to startups, enterprises, prime vendors, multi-national conglomerates, and fortune 500 companies.
We source and place quality resources covering existing, legacy, and future technologies requirements. Whether it is a product reengineering task, enablement, integration, innovation or modernization, we have a large resource pool with intensive expertise in achieving business objectives at competitive rate card matrix.
As a strategic recruiting partner, we have a dedicated team of bench sales experts, recruiters, sales managers, project managers, and operations manager with expertise to source faster, build a solid pipeline, fill urgent job positions quickly, and deliver “The Right Talent For A Job”. Our team is technical and passionate with a solid understanding of technical mumbo-jumbo to understand both client, consultant, and partner language for an accelerated recruiting experience.
We help clients from the frustrating problem of appointing in-house HR team, managing employee recruitment and post-hire operations, salaries, grievances, and appraisals. Large projects require plug and play niche resources. Halcyon can help you find the right candidate at the right time, with definite cost benefits.
We combine methodologies, accelerators, proven success, experience, smart techniques, and recruitment technology to deliver quality staff augmentation practice.

Why Choose Halcyon’s Staff Augmentation Practice

  • Custom recruiting cycle for each account
  • Thorough background checks and multiple rounds of screening to source the perfect resume and candidate for a role
  • Hands-on training and complete support liaison for any issues during project (replacement, addition, deletion of resources) without hampering relationships
  • Work order preparations and review
  • No additional spends on HR or admin
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Better and competitive rates
  • Quick and immediate resource availability as desired
  • Better HR process quality, operations efficiency, and reduction in TCO