We help clients make customers happy through custom Salesforce CRM Consulting Services

Halcyon CRM consulting solution suite help clients please customers at every CRM stage and achieve immense brand loyalty and sustainable sales growth

Achieve Repeat Customer Success Everytime with Halcyon

Salesforce CRM

For more than a decade, Halcyon has been delivering cutting-edge CRM solutions for many LOBs and B2B/B2C industries. With our cost-effective CRM expertise, enterprises simplify the customer journey, drive engagement, productivity, build long-lasting relationship, and support sales management.

Our CRM consultants start with a deep dive in researching the viability of the product, ideate, and build use cases. After conducting an in-depth analysis and use cases blueprinting, we refine every requirement to align with the changing ecosystem and customer needs.

Together, we find significant opportunities to simplify screens, apply design thinking to elevate customer happiness, increase retention rate, reduce acquisition costs, and win customer loyalty. We weave business use cases in a robust and selective digital CRM core that can tackle future footprints, transactional speed, and ensure a seamless, delightful digital CRM experience.

Halcyon CRM Experience Suite

  • 10 years in CRM consulting, configuration, and customization (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Custom development)
  • Experience in CRM development for HCM (recruitment), Dealers in Retail Automotive, Prospect Management
  • Expertise, capabilities, and accelerators in custom and platform-based CRM development (Over 500+ man hours delivered)
  • Microsoft and Salesforce Partner

Halcyon CRM Consulting and Services Spectrum

We provide full cycle CRM strategy, consulting, and implementation delivery that covers:

  • Business analysis, ideation, and strategy development
  • CRM Platform competitive analysis and evaluation
  • Platform customization, configuration, on-the-shelf development (Cloud, on-premises)
  • Custom CRM application development
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Migration and upgrades
  • Quality testing (manual and automated)
  • User training
  • Maintenance, Support, and AMS 2.0 for business agility

Our Detailed CRM offerings

CRM consulting services

CRM Strategy and Consulting

We strategize, plan and execute any technology enablement in an existing CRM or help kickstart your CRM journey. With our deep layered experience in configuring and customizing Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other related technologies, we can deliver innovation and simplification amplified with design thinking, for a futuristic CRM delivery. We take a DevOps approach to enhance the way you manage your customers and solve many challenges like customer data unification, reduce TCO, increase LOB collaboration and reduce silos, and increase lead conversion rates.

CRM Turnkey Customization

We assess and suggest turnkey or customized solutions or code enablements to an existing CRM platform or CRM solution. We digitize sales and marketing cycle, powering them with self-service intelligence to help teams do their job better and efficiently. With our long experience in CRM implementation and assessment, we are aware what works and what not. We tailor out-of-box platforms and deliver custom modules that seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem.

Our UI/UX team gives a new digital dimension to the way internal and external stakeholder access the application.

We program and deliver custom add-ons as required to meet business goals and solve your business challenges.

CRM customization
Upgrade and support

Upgrades, Support and Maintenance

We do painless transfer, upgrade to the latest version of platform and technology suite to speed up your CRM cycle and eliminate data and business process silos. We provide full technical and integration support

We have developed CRM Solutions before

Our team of CRM functional and technical consultants has got precise, niche, industry-specific and generic experience that has helped to deliver ROI driven CRM solutions
  • Marketing and sales automation software
  • Dealer lead management automation for retail automotive
  • Business intelligence and forecasting
  • Segmentation and customer engagement with loyalty, self-service mobility apps
  • Performance management with Salesforce mobile apps
  • Partner self-service and contract management
  • Recruitment HCM CRM solution for better close

Our Key Service and Approach Differentiators

  • Focus on performance during ideation and strategy stage. Generate and follow a proven development workflow model to prevent silos
  • We choose technology stack to build a CRM solution for today, and future
  • We pay specific attention to security protocols and ensure there is no data leak
  • We weave the complex business processes in a simplified UI/UX to maximize customer experience

We speak your industry linguistics

We are business technologists and aware of the jargon and verbiage of every industry. It helps us to deliver solutions faster, within budget and meeting the expectations.
We developed end-to-end dealer management CRM that helps qualified prospects and manage inventory better. It accelerates vehicle purchase and increase CX
Build credit reporting and compliance solutions to avoid show-case notice and seamless and painless approval and loan closure
One-stop solution to take appointments and check referrals
Self-service customer app to manage their bills online and reduce the load on Utility workers for reconciliation and support
Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism
We build mobile apps solution to enable parents travel stressfree with their toddles.
Mobile CRM apps, any Enterprise app
Mobile CRM apps
Halcyon is widely credited for pioneering modern day automobile inventory management and CRM solutions. The powerful next generation system developed by Halcyon was offered on a flexible Smartphone centric platform