Halcyon is a professional ROR service delivery expert, with capabilities and experience in utilizing the full power of this framework to rapidly deliver proof-of-concepts, advanced web applications, and mobile applications for startups, mature businesses, and large enterprises.

Our Expertise

We create beautiful, fast, engaging ROR applications with a perfect combination of ROR security and performance gems to elevate competitive edge.
Custom ROR Solutions

Tailored ROR Solutions

Halcyon brings perfection to every ROR project by developing custom Rails-driven solutions that enjoy high performance at reduced costs and meet time-to-market.

MVP  Development

Product MVP Development

We deliver enterprise-grade proof of concept that guarantees ROI and mitigate risks. We innovate and measure results to effectively allow you validate the business
idea against a defined user base

Code Audit & QA

Automated QA solutions

Our dedicated testing team perform manual and automated quality checks to measure load balancing, maintainability, and scalability. We do regular code audits to check modularity and normality for maintaining best-in-breed speed and customer satisfaction. Our security protocols ensure verifying every single gem to resolve any outstanding issues.

Maintenance & Support

ROR Maintenance and Support

We appoint dedicated and reliable post-delivery maintenance and support engineers to resolve any customer issues, manage downtime, and monitor performance. The key goal is to keep all ROR gems and the entire architecture
running up-to-speed 24x7x365

Enjoy the power of a versatile framework with Halcyon


For Startups and SMB

Startups and SMBs need a digital service differentiation. Halcyon leverages the maturity and power of ROR development economics to build and integrate apps quickly, at a low cost, and as required by the present and future market.

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    Agile development
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    Less TCO
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    Faster Go-To-Market
Established Business

For Enterprises and Mature Businesses

Custom enterprise apps require scalability due to complex distributed businesses processes. We use ROR’s dynamic and MVC driven framework ecosystem to deliver more features with less code and better precision.

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    High Performance
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    | Secure Enterprise Architecture
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    Scalability and Manageability

We cater to all popular LOB genres

Consumer Apps

B2B/B2C Customer apps

We mix design thinking and ROR gems to create engaging and intuitive apps for all stakeholders to help you drive sales, leads, and build a solid brand. We constantly upload patches to improve customer satisfaction, build trust, and increase brand advocacy.
Consumer Apps

Business Apps

Heterogeneous business processes require fast, smooth, and cost-efficient web connectors and apps. Halcyon brings everything on table at one place quickly by ramping up with ROR strong capabilities. We integrate and automate the processes to make your organization leaner, irrespective of size and scale. Our capabilities include ERP, Lead generation, and retail automotive solutions
Consumer Apps

Software apps

ROR intensive structured framework provide capabilities to develop secure, fast, and scalable software applications on web, mobile, desktop and as a standalone applications. We can develop SaaS, complex marketplace solutions, IoT solutions, and Machine Learning solutions with digital analytics in ROR.

Halcyon Enterprise Application Integration Capabilities – ROR

Our ROR engineers can implement custom 3rd party API solutions, middleware, microservices integration, spanning social networks, payment systems, applications

Customized API Development

Halcyon leverage robust Rails API ecosystem to facilitate the implementation of APIs in a heterogeneous system. We know how to utilize Active Model Serializers to format solution, output, and use templates for complex scenarios.

Integrate your Business

Third party integration

Depending upon business scenario, we can integrate any 3rd party legacy or digital API in the ROR stack. We use the standard flow of leaving external API calls outside the main request flow to amplify performance and enrich web applications with 3rd party data. We deliver timely results, as per user input

Personalized Back end Development with ROR

Our ROR team has extensive experience in developing custom back ends on ROR with a major emphasis on enabling the businesses with a higher quality product. We can develop both database backend web applications and web services capable to justify the overhead of a powerful framework

More Productivity

ROR helps reduce number of developer decisions. It comes with pre-set configurations that optimized productivity and favor convention over customization.
Integrate your Business

Better Scalability

ROR rapidly allows developers to scale up and down based on market requirements. Halcyon uses Rails with Capistrano and Chef, making it very easy to provision a new plug and play instance instantly.

Fast Performance

ROR offers a classic monolithic architecture for small apps or bundle, depending upon the load. ROR is built to take huge enterprise-grade load and still deploy optimal and fast track performance computing. It can handle millions of objects in parallel.

Ride On Rails Seamlessly with Halcyon


An assigned business analyst analyzes your requirements, competitors, and considers market trends also.


We pick gems, ideate, and create a prototype with app’s look and feature presentation.

Visual Design

We pick appropriate design thinking theme to meet the standards of modern UI/UX practices for ease of navigation.

Development and Quality Audits

We build app incrementally following Agile-DevOps strategy for best results, followed by code audits through automation tools.


We choose the best hosting stack, bring the site to production and monitor the server till the application is stable.

Why Choose Halcyon as a ROR Implementation Partner

Halcyon’s dedicated ROR team has experience working in mid and large project engagements. They are aware of risks, challenges, and methodologies associated with many industries, LOBs, while bringing app in live environment using ROR. We have a large resource pool, fully capable of tailoring the entire ROR stack in a homogenous and heterogeneous stack. We can appoint dedicated teams, plug in and plug out niche resources, or full-time in house team members to ensure fast deployment, quick issue resolve, and better business productivity.

Here are seven reasons to select Halcyon as an ideal ROR partner

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    Working time flexibility, as per client
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    Ready-to-use cloud infrastructure
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    Adoption of process, methodologies and accelerators
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    Transparent process and on-time reporting
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    High-quality recruitment and screening process
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    Complete control over appointed team
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    Rapid team scaling/appointment of niche resources or subject matter on an ad-hoc basis

Technology Stack Snapshot


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    Fat Free CRM
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    Refinery CMS
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    Community Engine


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    MS SQL
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