Next-Gen Python Application Development

Halcyon is a professional Python Application Development Consulting Expert, with a major focus on delivering cutting-edge python applications for your data science projects addressing critical insights or aimed at improving UX/UI.

Full Spectrum Python Implementation

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Customized Product Development

Rich web solutions or data science projects that require modelling for gaining customer insights need a very easy-to-code language like Python. We leverage its complete power to reengineer a legacy application or build a custom data modeller for your marketing team. We take advantage of mature Python libraries and external packages for time-sensitive tasks.
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We have experience in Python frameworks including Django, Flask, and Zope for ensuring fast delivery of a functional and fully expandable prototype.
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Our team of Python engineers are fully capable to tailor 3rd party Python solutions to better adapt them to the business preferences, government regulations, localization. We enhance business process efficiency and give measurable ROI through upgrades
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Legacy Silos Resurrection

Halcyon offers Legacy Silos Resurrection for clients, who want to eliminate legacy silos and move to a more modernized and digital application stack. We refactor, redesign Python-based solutions to remove obstacles and help you manage a next-gen business ecosystem

What we deliver in our Python Service Suite

Advanced Web Applications

We analyze and solve every business challenge with a customized, personalized, and tailored Python web app utilizing best practices and power of Flask, Zope, and Django

Data-intensive backend systems

At Halcyon, we handpick Python to develop large scale backend systems where high performance computing is always in-demand. We consider continuous background processes, a large amount of addressable memory, and server side logic while creating data-intensive complex backend systems

Why Select Python? Choose for best scalability and security

Maximize Security

We know security breaches hamper customer trust. We utilize OWASP Python security protocols in high-risk environments where inputs are unpredictable and data is at stake. We use our own methodologies bundled with PyCrypto, M2Crypto or other libraries to deliver web solutions that are more resilient and can handle manipulations or cyber security breach.
Secure Enterprise

Get Next-Gen Scalability

Scaling with Python is a mandatory pattern and not just possibility. We run the interpreter loop through Cpython, PyPy or Jython to maximize simplicity and consistency. We ensure runtime becomes predictable, scalability becomes common with caching, indexing, and database query factored in all a matter of course.

How Halcyon Acts as a Python Service Differentiator?

Jumpstart time-to-market

Halcyon uses the concise and clear syntax structure of Python to build simple and enterprise applications that require faster time-to-market. We use proprietary code accelerators due to our versatile experience and mix it with Python’s power to deliver business and time critical applications. We provide swift development, maintenance, testing, digital marketing and support.
Marketing Delivery

Fast MVP Delivery

Python has many 3rd party components. We have a large pool of seasoned experience. We combine the power of people and Python to deliver MVP solutions in a cost-effective fashion. Our Python team is ready to articulate and speed up your competitive edge, by delivering a portion of value through the MVP. You get early ROI and real results to proceed towards the big picture

Dedicated Python Staff

Halcyon has access to large Python resources that have enterprise-grade experience in delivering measurable results. We can deploy flexible engagement models with niche resources, in-house team, ad-hoc subject matter experts, project managers, architecture to ensure you stay in track of your budget
Here are six reasons to select a Python team from Halcyon
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    Quality and intensive screening process
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    Complete control over replacement, withdrawal, and involvement of team members
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    Working time zone adjustment
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    Ready-to-use infrastructure
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    Rapid resource scaling
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    Inclusion of methodologies and process accelerators

Technology Stack Snapshot


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Tools & Utilities

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    Beautiful Soup
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