A Digital and Strategic IT Consulting Partner to Charter next-gen IT ecosystem

With more than 15 years of deep IT consulting experience and proven success, Halcyon has skills, accelerators, resources, expertise, and methodologies to transform, enable, or integrate future-ready IT ecosystem.
IT Consulting Services
Survival and disruption in the present business ecosystem require a reimagined digital core, which can assemble, assimilate, and harmonize information and data from multiple versions of truth fast into touchpoints.
Further, you need to analyze, strategize and build a modern technology stack including enterprise architecture and customer experience systems. With so much to do, how do you chalk out a perfect IT strategy that resonates with budget, changing market trends, regulations without breaking business continuity?
Halcyon is here to help. With our sound experience in augmenting resources and helping many business in accelerating their go-to-technology strategy, our business technologists’ team will plan, consult, execute, and monitor an agile IT roadmap that will elevate your market position from a survivalist to a disruptor.
We implement digital solutions factoring business processes and people. We innovate to accelerate growth for our clients. Halcyon has a large team of resource pool, both with generalist and niche specialization experience, which can act as either a large team resource or “plug-in-play” to implement next-gen IT operations.
Our rich experience in creating end-to-end automotive, healthcare, financial products on the cloud and enterprise mobile applications for many startups have helped us in becoming a long-term seasoned IT consulting partner for many of our clients.
We know what works, and what not to succeed in a competitive IT landscape. We have own methodologies, accelerators, and tools that can help organizations meet their quarterly and long term goals in-time, within-budget

Our IT Consulting Suite

  • Ideation and analysis of business processes
  • End-to-End web and software product feasibility study
  • Assessing risk by analysing competition
  • Design thinking and select of appropriate technology stack
  • Design and implementation with micro interaction windows
  • Development and technical support
  • Quality auditing
  • Mobility solutions and digital platform reinvention
  • Enterprise architecture modernization
  • Flexible IT staff augmentation (Long term/On-demand/Project-by-Project)
By solving the technology challenges, we help businesses in concentrating things that matter most – develop business strategies to drive customer retention.
Interesting in building a IT use case strategy?