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Halcyon has more than a decade of experience in discovering, designing, and executing a strategy based Amazon Web Service implementation.
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AWS is easily one of the oldest cloud service provider available in the market. It started as a specialty web services solution with a plethora of suites, addons, and plugins for web hosting under the name Amazon Web Services. Now mostly referred to as AWS has evolved to offer enterprise cloud solutions with a good number of APIs and third-party integration services staying true to its open-source architecture.
AWS can easily claim to be cloud market leader, some comparisons may disagree with that, but one thing is for sure, at least it is still the most popular PaaS model and is still almost synonymous with cloud storage services for many sectors and industries in the market.

First Implementation

AWS has been tried, tested and implemented by millions of users and organization worldwide. It has gained a lot of acceptance. Small and medium businesses love their flexible pay per hour model and highly customizable plans. Being in the market for this long and also being the innovation leader in the cloud market, AWS comes with its own set of conveniences.
The most notable convenience of AWS is, although the service offered is same, each non-IT sector-based client that wants to opt for AWS can notice and opt for a tailor-made solution that fits their bill perfectly. If you belong to any of the sectors below or a new sector you can kick-off your cloud journey with just a few simple clicks. You do not be or invest in hiring a cloud expert.
AWS Automation
AWS Digital Marketing
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AWS Financial Services
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AWS Gaming
AWS Governmnet
AWS Manufacturing
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The solutions they offer are tailor-made and come with popular plugins you might require in getting you started to migrate to the cloud. They are also highly customizable hence you can do away with any plugin you might not need and your cost will reduce.

AWS Migration Tool

AWS has been tried, tested and implemented by millions of users and organization worldwide. It has gained a lot of acceptance. Small and medium businesses love their flexible pay per hour model and highly customizable plans. Being in the market for this long and also being the innovation leader in the cloud market, AWS comes with its own set of conveniences.
AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a part of the AWS Cloud, hence you have assured the same cost efficiency, speed to market, security, and flexibility that AWS services offer. AWS DMS will guide through the entire task of migration, either one-time migrations or when you want to replicate ongoing changes that will keep sources and targets in sync, DMS will ensure there is no redundancy as well as there is no loss of data including uniformity of data.
AWS DMS is an automated tool that can manage deployment, management, and monitoring both hardware and software required for the migration to be successful and quick. Once the AWS DMS configuration process is done, the entire migration can start and et going within a few minutes.
AWS Migration Tool
Flexibility is another important feature which comes with AWS DMS. Using a self-learning algorithm, it automatically assesses the resources required for your migration and scales the resources up and down match your actual workload. This ensures the process to go uninterrupted as well as saves you a lot of costs.
AWS DMS supports fully heterogeneous data migrations between the supported engines. The best part of AWS DMS is that if you are an existing cloud user you need not worry about any kind of data loss or inconsistencies. AWS DMS supports all the most popular DBMS engines and accepts them as data sources.

Source Engines

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    Microsoft SQL Server
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  • Bullet Point
  • Bullet Point
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    Db2 LUW
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  • Bullet Point
  • Bullet Point
    Amazon Aurora

Target Engines

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  • Bullet Point
    Microsoft SQL Server
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  • Bullet Point
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    Amazon Redshift
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    Amazon S3
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    Amazon DynamoDB

Cloud Management Platform

Implementing cloud platform has become simple and migrating to a cloud platform has time and again proved to be quite cost-effective and scalable. But to reap the complete benefits and optimize the use of the cloud infrastructure required a lot of experts and staff. Now, there is another way for you to manage your cloud operations and resources with a lot of efficiencies - a cloud management platform (CMP).
CMP helps businesses to take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud has to offer.
A cloud management platform is a complete suite of APIs and tools that aid you in managing your cloud infrastructure - public, private, or hybrid. The fundamental aim of moving to a cloud platform vs a self-managed database server is to reduce the cost, both one time and operational costs and AWS has spearheaded the pay-per-use cloud storage model to make this happen. Now the AWS CMP will help your enterprise to optimize the cloud storage, its resource and service usage to scale it up or down to balance the demand vs availability and ultimately to keep your cloud costs to the minimum.

How does AWS CMP Achieve This?

Basically, a CMP automates the composition of tasks, which means it is intelligent to administer task management on your behalf and it will skillfully optimize the usage of your cloud resources.
CMP through an orchestration suite allows it is used to manage, allot, demand and dis-engage a cloud resource. A good CMP must offer full visibility to its administrator or a super-user, into every cloud environment that is currently in use and in-demand as well. AWS CMP does all this and more, it discovers the resources available in your cloud infrastructure, takes request from the users, coordinates to see if any available resources can be shared or be used by other users instead of requesting for new resource altogether. This guarantees that your users are will utilize the cloud resources to the maximum possible extent, the best of their abilities. You get an assured ROI for your cloud infrastructure.
AWS Achieve

The AWS advantage

Cloud solutions by various vendors can perform and offer and often replicate the features available with each other. But being the thought leader in this industry, there are a few benefits which come with the AWS architecture.
AWS Storage


AWS storage is called Simple Storage Service (S3). Other than the basic features such as server-side encryption, batch import, and REST API access, AWS storage offers auto-archive and auto-delete features. This means if some data is not being frequently accessed you can mark then for archive or delete, and they will be stored in a cheaper storage facility. This can save a lot of money especially in loading and storing old versions of your software.

One very fine feature of security at a granular level which AWS offers is that you can mark or grant access at the file level. This can be very useful when used at the user level because each user can delete an unwanted file when compounded to the hundreds and thousands of files it can save a lot of space and in effect money.


AWS is a matured and one of the oldest cloud infrastructure provider and it offers security at multiple levels such as:

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    On-premise Active Directory integration
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    User-level access to control who can add/remove users
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    Super admin access to decide which user can create/destroy edit resources
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    special requirements for government clients and clouds to store both highly secured and public data at once
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    It also meets government regulations of various countries

Many competitors may offer similar features, but AWS being an old-horse, offers these in a more developed and stable ecosystem.

AWS Security
World-class team


One of the very few but critical drawbacks of cloud-based Webhosting services is that, if your website or shared network or online access goes down, you lose money, big time. AWS along with many competitors provide an SLA which gives you 99.95% uptime for compute instances, 99.9% uptime for storage. With millions of customers, even .01% covers thousands of customers, you do not want to be one of them, But, many surveys by reliable and trusted tech-specialists say you are much better off with AWS than any other competitors. Amazon’s services have a much better track record of not failing on the customer or recovering better in case of failures.

Tracking and metrics

AWS ‘s CloudTrail and CloudWatch are troubleshooting and monitoring applications. They give you analysis and metrics in case of failures to understand why, how and what was the cause of failure. They are centralized tools which share insights both with you and Amazon support specialists. This ensures that a mistake is rarely repeated twice.

AWS Tracking and Metrics
AWS User Interface

User Interface

If you are in retail or manufacturing or healthcare or essentially any non-IT enterprise using CMP or cloud, you and your end-user will feel much at peace and ease if you have a much easy to use and simple interface. Windows OS and the iPhone are the best examples in this regard. Sadly, this does not translate to Azure. AWS’s user interface is much more user-friendly and accessible than any other CMP.

Support and community

This is by far the biggest USP of AWS. Amazon by virtue of being a retail player or by being the oldest player has retained its supremacy in the market because of its customer support. Its support is by far the most responsive among the lot. It also has an exhaustive tech support community, thousands of developers from all around the world have recorded the problems they have faced along with solutions. You are bun dot find an answer to the challenge you are facing among them.

AWS Support and Community


Over the years, Amazon has played around with many pricing models and has spearheaded the pay-as-you-go and pay per hour models of pricing, which has now become the norm of this industry.

Although different customers share a varied experience of pricing and cost, many agree that if not the least AWS pricing is very competitive.

And it is agreed that AWS being a proprietary cloud infrastructure, the benefits far outvalue the cost.

Halcyon Tech Advantage

Halcyon has more than a decade of experience in discovering, designing, and executing a strategy based AWS implementation.
Whether you are a first-time cloud user, looking to migrate from a server-based model to cloud-based infrastructure, or looking to migrate from another cloud provider to AWS we are your preferred choice.
We have successfully implemented and executed AWS cloud architecture for clients from a wide array of industries including retail, healthcare, banking, automotive and travel.
We have hand-on experience in successfully migrating terabytes of data on to the AWS platform. We are quality conscious which means we value your time more than anything else and are committed to offering a perfect solution within the committed budget and we always deploy our solutions on or before the deadline.
Among a wide variety of IT-solutions, we offer to diverse industries worldwide, AWS migration has been our specialty. Our dedicated team of AWS experts have come up with both traditional and out-of-the-box solutions to meet our client’s requirements and have saved millions of dollars for them.
Continuous learning is in our DNA and right from the management to the engineers we stay up-to-date with respect to our fields of expertise. Our AWS specialists undergo periodic training making them well-versed with the latest features AWS has to offer.

The Support Specialists

If there is one thing we have learned with our many years of being an IT-solutions provider, every client is apprehensive about technology. We a comprehensive system 24X7 support and to attend to any challenges you might face when you migrate to AWS.
We are flexible with our SLAs and other support offering to offer your continuous support that ensures the smooth functioning of your business. We offer an end-to-end solution right from architecture to extended support so that you can concentrate on your core business. We are known for our comprehensive planning, flawless execution, and support in the industry.
Our AWS team ensures such a smooth migration and implementation such that the clients have given us multiple other technology projects based on these results.
Reach us if you are still using your own physical server or data center, or using a cloud other than AWS. We are sure we will find you a solution which will save you a lot of cost and effort.
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