We bridge real and digital with Beautiful & Creative UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design service expertise enable clients to have a simplified and targeted interaction with their end-customers at every touchpoint

Crisp & Focused UI/UX Design for An Array of Web & Mobile Applications

Tailored UI/UX solutions for every customer touchpoint to maximize ROI

By weaving usability, accessibility, desirability, credibility in a customer-pleasing, industry-appealing UI/UX methodology, we integrate UX stories inside a web or mobile app page that “talks to a customer” and create a long-lasting bond.

Our team of dedicated graphic, UI, and UX designers have delivered intuitive, unique, tailored, and customer-centric designs for a wide range of industries, LOBs, and clients. Our team apply neuroscience in deducing customer persona and their unique requirements to bring in life a fresh, seamless, interactive, and thoughtful UX. We create customized web and mobile UI/UX experience that is not only easy-to-use but actually delight-to-use.

We focus on the core needs of the user segmented by the touchpoint and touchpoint’s channel (User browsing your profile page on mobile FB has different needs than when the same user browse FB on a web or laptop).

With our detailed, deep-layered, touchpoint-specific UI/UX creation approach, we produce ultra-modern, exhilarating, engaging, yet simple user experiences that build empathy.

Creative and simplified UI/UX projects delivered for many industries

Our design team brings their rich design experience in delivering simplified UI/UX with proper call-to-action, font selection, typography, and animations to ensure the final product speaks customer language and help them reach a particular screen or perform a critical task in minimal touches or clicks.

Why UI/UX Design is a mandatory requirement in Digital Transformation?

  • Helps in customer acquisition – People give only 5 seconds to a particular web or mobile app. Businesses need to seize the opportunity in this time frame. With a customer-specific UI/UX, customers visit the app or site, again and again, ensuring increase in word-to-mouth publicity
  • Accelerate go-to-marketing strategy – If you are a startup going to deep dive into a product ecosystem, a compelling UI/UX can help you strengthen your position. Customers always prefer UI/UX first, irrespective of brands
  • Reusability for content marketing initiatives – You can use the UI/UX material for marketing your services and products. By having a thorough UI/UX, businesses can maximize their ROI on the spends.
  • Establish your brand – Innovative features, design, and simplified UX power your brand’s value and customers see yourself as a brand custodian.
UI/UX design

HD Quality Design, Pixel by Pixel, for the Targeted Customer Base

Our UX Practice Suite

  • Strategy Assessment
  • Modeling
  • Requirement Development
  • Framework development and storyboarding
  • HTML Wireframing
  • UI Detailing
  • Next-gen UX with latest HTML 5/.js/native mobile library animations

Our UI Practice Suite

  • Design Implementation
  • Prototyping
  • Validation
  • Integration
  • Digital Content Management
  • Simple Interface
  • Attribute data binding

Why Halcyon for UI/UX Design Services?

 Bound to impress

Bound to impress

We do an extensive research on the targeted market, competitors, customer persona, before designing anything. This approach guarantees the success of UI/UX that impresses and engages customers for everytime, anywhere. It provides better value for customers’ time. They can reach to the desired screen or feature in minimum touches and clicks, in an entertaining and pleasing way.
  Increased user Interaction

Increased user Interaction

The more a customer searches for you, comes back again and again on the site and mobile app, you have chances to make him a loyal client. Our design efforts are focused to enable maximum user interaction with your site and mobile app
 Innovative approach

Innovative approach

Our deep layered experience as design technologists enable us to constantly find new UX, which can constantly engage a customer and delight them. With a wide range of expertise in delivering UI/UX for automotive, healthcare, e-commerce, and other verticals, we have capabilities and skills to produce enthralling and innovative UI/UX.

Halcyon’s UI/UX Design Process and Methodology

Simple, effective, focused, and customizable for startups and enterprises
Strategic Research
Strategic Research
  • Understand the purpose and persona of the product and services
  • Find the targeted audience
  • Discover their expectations
Storyboarding and wireframing
  • Define business use cases
  • Ideation, brainstorming to simplify UX
  • Build storyboards
  • Design without any CTA or color
  • Call outs for on-click options
  • Micro-interaction windows
Storyboarding and wireframing
Visual design
Visual design
  • Actual design output with typography
  • A/B Testing
  • Testing and validation
Let us create your design success with enthralling UI/UX design.