• Future of Delivery is Here!

    With the advent of eCommerce, the biggest boost besides the online platforms came to logistics companies. Many companies including existing giants like FedEx or disruptive hyper-local startups are flourishing and exponentially growing to meet the unquenching demands of the Amazons of the world.

  • How to eliminate the security risk of redundant data

    Most enterprises bring all their redundant data to the cloud, along with the security risk such redundancy creates. Here’s how to fix it

  • The automotive industry faces constant pressure to innovate, maximize profitability, as well as improve operational efficiency. This is where big data comes into play, opening up a world of endless opportunities for automakers.

    Applying big data in the automotive industry is not a new concept, yet there has been a greater shift towards it over the past few years. The impact of big data in the industry is enormous – from connected vehicles, to production lines, to the management of dealerships and manufacturers.