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80% of the world’s customer population make informed decisions by word-of-mouth recommendations and data available online. Is your business fully prepared to harness the power of large customer data available online/offline, process it and turn it into actionable insights for making focused, agile and informed decisions for today and future?

This is where Halcyon’s Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Consulting help businesses solve a wide range of business challenges through self-service analytics and predictive analysis solutions. With our consulting practice, business staff from all LOBs can tailor the data without IT and create ad-hoc, in-the-moment reports and stories in minutes, and not hours for making agile and winning customer delight and retention strategies

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From helping sales team close more deals with a sales analytic application to other value-driven BI solutions,
our team has done some wonderful work in Big Data Analytics. Browse few of our best Big Data Analytics Solutions.

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Halcyon’s Big Data Services and Offerings

From data consolidation, cleansing, processing to creating beautiful and easy-to-navigate self-service BI and Machine Learning solutions, we are a fully adaptive and flexible Big Data Consulting Company
Analytics Solution Readiness Assessment and Consulting

Analytics Solution Readiness Assessment and Consulting

  • Full-cycle assessment of client’s technology stack including heterogeneous technology stack data type and structure
  • Mapping Functional Business Needs to IT capacities and budget assessment
  • Assessment of corporate master data governance policies and security environment
  • Implementation approach discussion and proposal formulation

Implement Best-in-Breed Data Management Practices

  • Beginning of Data Aggregation phase from all channels and sources (complete transactional data from flat files, different database types along with large customer interaction data from social media, CRM, ERP, and other channels)
  • Implementation of custom adaptors, connectors, RFC connections, and process orchestration adaptors to connect the complete data ecosystem
  • Data Consolidation from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data types
  • Data Normalization, Profiling, and Cleansing
Implement Best-in-Breed Data Management Practices
Presenting Data in easy-to-understand visualizations & stories

Presenting Data in easy-to-understand visualizations & stories

  • Personalized and Individualized Experiences with role-driven access to specific data types and level of detail
  • Self-service report builders and data export tools with graphical and statistical filters
  • Fully responsive mobile analytics tool to build reports and data-driven stories on-the-fly

We use Popular Data Integration & Visualizations Tools
To Do More For Our Clients With Less

Cost-effective tailored analytics solutions helping businesses save 5x budget and get 20x ROI
Informatica Consulting Services

Informatica Consulting Services

With a single data integration and ETL platform, leverage the true power of flexibility, scalability, and extensibility to manage your data management and integration requirements ensuring IT costs are low and productivity is high
Tableau Consulting Services

Tableau Consulting Services

With more than 20,000 businesses using Tableau including SMB and enterprise customers, it’s a perfect “single version of truth” BI tool for ad-hoc reporting built for non-technical users. Drill down to the inner depth of data and make smart and informed data driven decisions – even sitting during a boardroom meeting

Our Value Proposition in Big Data & BI Consulting Services

Our long-standing business and technical expertise combined with a certified professional BI
and Data Scientists team ensure you get the best of both the business and technical front.
  • Tailored and Professional Orchestrated Practice consisting of methodologies, in-house data management techniques, and tools to help businesses view reports in less time
  • We find unseen patterns which unlocks hidden correlation and new market trends helping marketers, finance, and sales generate more leads, cut costs, and close more deals
  • Solution-driven business friendly implementation approach (Strategy, Design, POC, Model Conceptualization/Deployment, Process Analytics, and Operational Support at one-single IT company)
  • Agile methodology to develop solution in sprints fully customizing it as per market and business
  • Customer-Centric risk free secure engagement model minimizing cost and maximizing flexibility and ROI on analytics and machine learning solution
  • Cloud-driven role-based security policy with ITIL practices to ensure there is no data leak or breach ensuring client corporate integrity at any cost.
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